Form Follows Fiction

The jewellery artist Konrad Mehus has held an important position in Norwegian art since the end of the 1960s. Artistic intention and content play a more important role in his work than practical usage and function. Mehus’ objects significantly stretch our notion of what jewellery can be: it is not merely adornment, but rather a means of communication. Using silver as a material and jewellery as a medium, he tells stories with social relevance and political wit.


The work of Konrad Mehus is characterised by a language rich in metaphors and symbols. Miniature portraits of typical 1950s interiors not only invoke memories, but also represent the reconstruction of the post-war era and the improvement of general living conditions – a central concern of Norwegian welfare politics. Konrad Mehus’ works are characterised by humour and warmth, but also by irony and taking an objective stance. He is concerned with commentating contemporary topics and trends. One example of this is using gilded valium packets to represent the increase of psychological illnesses in society.

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